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Amerikanisch Deutsches LM Panel

Ljubisav Matejevic

In his more then 30 years business life, Ljubisav worked as the Global Market and Business Development Executive, as well as the Alliance Executive for leading international companies.
He is included in a wide network of international political bodies and leading representatives in different industries. Here he gained an extensive industry knowledge, political insights. Ljubisav has the ability to speak “the same language” in the entrepreneurial, medical, technical, political and governmental ecosystem.
As the trusted advisor and coach of many stakeholders and decision makers worldwide he is coaching the way to gain trust in the context of alliances on interpersonal and company level.
He is chairing workshops, roundtables and sessions with public authorities and business executives.
Ljubisav is providing coachings and trainings on intercultural and multilingual communication in several languages including English, German, Romanian and Serbian.

He holds International Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Warwick (UK) and also the diploma of electrical engineering which combines the technical and economic education. He studied political science and medicine.





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